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About Me

My name is Reid. I am just a normal guy that grew up in one of the more expensive places in the world to live. Hawaii. Growing up in Hawaii has shown me that there is truly a price to paradise.  

After college, I started working for financial institutions and wealth management firms. I quickly learned that I lacked the financial education skills in my life to build wealth and manage my own finances. Thank goodness I had the ability to learn on the job! I have realized that instead of serving the wealthy, I needed to address the void that exists in our financial education system.


My mission is to help kids, adults, and families get on the right financial path through financial coaching. After 19 years of learning and working in this field, I want to share what I have learned to help my family and others with their finances.

I currently lead a team of instructional designers and trainers creating curriculum in the areas of banking, finance, leadership, and organizational development.

Working with me, you get a partner who can help you develop a plan to scale your business. Whether this means taking your knowledge and turning it into an online course or developing a training program to help you build a team that can maximize your vision. 

Learn more about how we can work together.


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